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Disciplinary Actions

Although you may consider yourself to be independent at home, when you are abroad you are part of a program and serve as a representative of Pace University and and the United States. Your program leader may be aware of your personal life and involved in most of your activities. The best way to avoid disciplinary action is to take responsibility for your own behavior and to also look out for your peers. If every participant takes ownership and responsibility for the success of the whole program, situations resulting in disciplinary action can be largely avoided.

Conditions as stated in the Study Abroad Consent Form apply to all students.

Additionally, Pace University's Guiding Principles of Conduct apply to students in study abroad programs.

Pace University expects study abroad participants to abide by the laws, regulations, and customs of the host country, community, institution, and program. There are certain areas under which the program leader, local resident director, or designated Pace staff has the authority to dismiss a student from a study abroad program. Any behavior that endangers another person or property can result in immediate dismissal. The following behaviors are among those that may result in immediate dismissal from the program or temporary suspension pending a final resolution of the matter:

  • conduct that violates Pace University's Guiding Principles of Conduct
  • violation of the laws, rules and regulations, or customs of the host country, community, institution, and program
  • behavior that is disruptive and detrimental to the group learning process and academic success of the program
  • conduct that damages or destroys property of another person, institution, or organization
  • behavior that gives the program leader and the Pace University International Programs & Services Office reasonable cause to believe that the continued presence of the student in the program constitutes a danger to the health or safety of themselves, persons, or property, or threatens the future viability of the program
  • repeated offenses or severe infractions of the housing rules and regulations as established by the local facilities
  • alcohol misuse
  • physical or sexual assault
  • harassment
  • possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs
  • setting a fire or possession of explosives
  • possession of a weapon, including BB guns and knives
  • theft
  • repeated bad behavior for which the student has been warned in writing

If a student is alleged to have violated the Pace University Guiding Principles of Conduct or participated in these aforementioned behaviors while participating in a study abroad program, he or she may be referred to Office of the Dean of Students for a possible disciplinary action upon his or her return to Pace University. Consequences for drug and alcohol violations may include, but are not limited to, some form of disciplinary probation, required attendance at educational programs, referral for assessment at educational programs, referral for assessment and treatment, and suspension from Pace University for sale of illegal drugs or repeated violations of the regulations.

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