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International Scholarships

Research! Teach! Study! Intern! Perform! Travel!

Your success is our top priority! Pace University strives to help you showcase your creative talents and capitalize on your academic achievements because the opportunities available to enhance your undergraduate experience or pursue post-graduation are unlimited. One of these opportunities is study abroad.

There are a number of international scholarships available to help you support and subsidize a study abroad experience. Below you will find a list of the most notable international scholarships. Pay close attention to the program mission, eligibility requirements, and deadlines.

The Office of International Programs and Services provides support to current students interested in applying for competitive scholarships and fellowships to study abroad. Our intent is to engage students in thinking about their future career goals and academic aspirations and guide them in preparing applications for submission to national scholarships. The application process takes a significant amount of time; therefore, it is important for applicants to be fully engaged in working with the prestigious fellowships coordinator, study abroad staff, and faculty.

Our intent is to help applicants compile a competitive application. As such, we provide:
  • Referrals to resources and information on international scholarships
  • Guidance on the application process
  • Assistance in writing and revising competitive application essays
  • Interview preparation (if applicable)
  • Advice from past scholarships winners and finalists
Stay abreast of updates from Pace Prestigious Fellowships and Scholarships by joining our Facebook Group. Interested individuals, including first-year students, are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss these opportunities.

Skype: fellowshipspace Phone: (212) 346-1368

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