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7 Steps to Study Abroad

Have you ... created an account to begin the study abroad application process?

Click Here to create an account.


Have you ... explored program options?

Choose a program that works with your major and personal goals for study abroad. Use the Clickable Map or the Advanced Search to help you narrow your options and compare program options. You will apply to only ONE program. Check out our page on choosing a program if you are still lost!

Have you ... met with your Academic Advisor?

All students must meet with their academic advisor before applying for any study abroad program. You will need to discuss what types of classes you should be taking abroad (electives, core, AOKs, major classes, etc.) and they will be the one to sign off on your course approval form down the road (we will get there soon!).

Have you ... scheduled an appointment with a Pace Study Abroad Advisor?

Too many good programs to choose from? Need advice on financials? Our ridiculously awesome International Programs staff can help you compare programs and narrow down your options. This is a great way for you to receive guidance on the application and enrollment process. Remember though, we strongly encourage you to contact us through your account for general questions. 

Have you ... checked out the estimated costs?

Estimate program costs vary depending on the type of program you choose.  

Remember that all federal aid and all Pace institutional aid can be applied to Exchange programs, all federal aid and up to $10,000 of Pace institutional aid can be applied to Pace Global Partner programs..

Have you ... started the application process?

The Study Abroad application process involves TWO distinct steps:

I. You will first apply online for approval from Pace University to make sure you meet eligibility requirements and have chosen a relevant program for your academic needs. Click Here for Pace Application Instructions.

II. You will apply to the specific program or host university for acceptance. You CANNOT apply to more than ONE summer, semester or year-long program each term.

If you are applying to an Exchange Program, you will be sent the application via your account. For Pace Global Partner programs, the applications are provided on the program websites.

Check out the many international scholarship opportunities applicable to your program/country!

You can request official transcripts via the Student Records link in your Pace Portal

Have you ... completed the Enrollment and Pre-Departure process?

You will be required to complete the enrollment forms in your Pace Study Abroad account AND the enrollment process for your specific program/host university. You are required to meet all stated deadlines. Please check your account to make sure you have completed all necessary forms for Pace, and check with your program to make sure you have completed all required forms for them as well! Click here for more information on how to complete the course approval process.

Check out the Study Abroad Checklist to make sure you have completed everything that you need!

You will also be required to attend a MANDATORY pre-departure orientation before you go abroad. You will receive information on when and where this orientation will be held, and you will not be able to go abroad if you do not attend it!

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